Meeting 11/27

Hello everyone, welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope you all enjoyed a few days off from school. We will be holding a meeting Tuesday the 27th at 6 p.m. in our regular room (102) to make final decisions on the trip to Minnesota in February, therefore it is very important that you attend if you are planning on going. We will also be sending out our order so be sure to get yours in. We will have plant ID practice this Thursday night at 6 in room 303. See you then!

Clothing Orders

Hi everyone, hope your week is going great! Only a few more days until Thanksgiving break, so just hang in there. We are going to send out an order for hats and shirts soon, so if you would like one, email Taylor what you want. The above picture is what we decided on for hats. You can also put in your order by attending plant ID practice tonight at 6 pm in the regular room. Hope to see you there.